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Virginia Cannabis Industry Association (VCIA) Mission

The Virginia Cannabis Industry Association’s mission is to represent members' best interests to advance legislation, regulations and implementation in support of Virginia’s regulated cannabis industry. The mission includes bringing the highest quality, safest and compliant medical cannabis products and services to consumers in Virginia to improve their quality of life, comfort and well-being.


Virginia Cannabis Industry Association (VCIA) Vision

The Virginia Cannabis Industry Association’s vision is to provide a single voice for the membership, conveying the collective interests of pharmaceutical processors, ancillary businesses and other stakeholders in Virginia’s regulated cannabis industry. The vision includes collaboration with State and Local Governments and the community to assist in education, and to build the industry in a sustainable manner in a competitive, well-regulated market which will compel our members to cultivate, manufacture, and sell the finest products available.

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Values you can trust

Patient Welfare. Provide highly compliant, safe and quality products to improve consumers' lives, Promote and
defend the quality, safety, and continuation of regulated cannabis industry. We hold these values in the utmost importance as we are those who provide relief for the most vulnerable citizens of the

Integrity. Approach issues with uncompromising ethics, honesty and fairness to the membership.

Collaboration and Transparency. Build an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment among the membership; all views are welcomed.

Compliance. All activities conducted by VCIA are legal and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

Efficiency and Effectiveness. Create a streamlined platform for discussion among all stakeholders in Virginia's regulated cannabis industry.

Diversity. Build and support a diverse, equitable, and inclusive regulated cannabis industry in Virginia.

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